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Donna DeNomme   
Wild Success 4 You, Inc.
Illustrations by Sue Lion
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Ophelia's Oracle: Discovering the Healthy, Happy, Self-Aware and Confident Girl in the Mirror
A fictional story, a motivational playbook, and real girls sharing their art, poems, and stories. 
To order Ophelia’s Oracle, a tender story of a pre-teen’s emergence into her own beauty, Click here.

In our book, Ophelia’s Oracle, Ophelia hears the fascinating story of Amaterasu, the Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess, and she learns the importance of our natural connection with all living things. The plants, the trees, the birds, and the wind are our family too!
Inspiration from our friend, Amaterasu, the Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess: You are a kaleidoscope of individuality.  You are connected in a web of life to all beings and recognize they have many lessons for you.  I see the brilliant light radiating from you.
See your light . . . recognize and claim your own brilliance!